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Why our support?

When is external support necessary for the introduction or replacement of pricing software?

Ask yourself the following questions.

Do you understand the complexities of a modern pricing infrastructure?

Can you develop innovative, data-driven strategies to take your business to the next level?

Which use cases should your pricing software optimally support?

Do you actively analyze prices and adapt them to the market and competition? Do you use best-in-class methodologies for price optimization?

How do you plan to master the selection process?

Do you have the necessary knowledge and experience to objectively evaluate different providers and solutions and make the optimal choice for your company?

How will you involve your employees?

Do you have the expertise to design a smooth change management process that ensures the acceptance and active participation of your employees in the introduction of the new software?

With us, an external pricing expert at your side, you benefit from comprehensive expertise, objective advice and active support. This will help you to find the optimum pricing solution safely, efficiently and with a focus on employee satisfaction and long-term success.

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Together we will find and implement the right pricing software for your company.

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Our goal: to lay the technical foundations for your intelligent and scalable pricing model.

What's our approach?


Choosing the right pricing system

In this phase, you will find the optimal pricing software for your company.

  • Structured procedure

Using our proven process model, we jointly select the right solution in 6 to 12 weeks (depending on the complexity and the availability of internal employees).

  • Sound requirements workshops

In inspiring workshops, we determine the key functional scope for the pricing system.

  • Efficient project management

We reduce your team's overall effort through stringent project management.

Implementation of a proof of concept (limited deployment)

Together we have shortlisted a system and would like to test it in practice.

  • Systematic testing catalog

We develop a test catalog that compares important requirements and thus optimizes test capacities.

  • Smooth communication

We support the internal project management in communication and coordination between the provider and internal teams.

  • Realistic business case

We enable the project management to create a realistic business case for the introduction/replacement of the new pricing software.

Roll out the pricing system

The selection process is finalized, the proof of concept was successful — now it's time for implementation.

  • Implementation roadmap & change management

Together, we develop an implementation roadmap and the necessary change support. Our goal is a smooth rollout of the pricing software, ensuring the actual use of the system.

  • Resource-efficient and timely rollout

Together, we set up the control structures and mechanisms to roll out the system in a resource-efficient and timely manner.

  • Price controlling

In collaboration with the internal team, we establish price controlling to validate the original business case and manage the financial impact of the new system.

Are you ready to create momentum?

Let's discuss how we can support you in the selection or replacement of your pricing software.

FAQ Pricing Software.

The most important questions and answers at a glance.

How do we select the right pricing software for our company?
We help you select the right pricing software by systematically guiding you through the entire selection and evaluation process: from creating the long and short list, to analyzing the key functional and technical requirements, to designing and moderating the selection process and consolidating the vendor evaluation into a final decision. We work with you to analyze your specific requirements and compare the software solutions that best fit your needs.
How long does it typically take to implement pricing software?
The duration of the selection of suitable and future-proof pricing software depends on the scope of your company's requirements, the complexity of the teams to be involved and the internal resources reserved for the project. As a rule, the selection process takes between four weeks and three months, followed by a validation phase in the form of a minimum viable product (MVP) or proof of concept (POC). The duration of this validation phase varies greatly due to the necessary technical implementation and therefore depends on the technical adaptation requirements and available IT resources.
Can the pricing software be integrated into existing systems?
Yes, all relevant pricing software solutions offer various interface options and integration possibilities for data exchange with existing ERP, CRM, store, POS, PIM systems/product catalogs and other business systems in order to ensure seamless integration into the existing system architecture.
What data is needed to implement the pricing software?
The data required for pricing depends on the use cases to be implemented. Typically, we need transaction data, competition (price) data, product catalog data and cost accounting data from you.
Can the pricing software also be used internationally and across channels?
Yes, many pricing software solutions support differentiated pricing across regions (e.g. different countries) and sales channels (e.g. in the online channel vs. stationary retail), whereby pricing can in turn be coordinated across regions and channels.
What kind of support does the Price Management Institute offer after the selection process?
After the selection of the pricing software and the successful MVP/POC, we support the rollout planning and are at your side as a partner for the duration of the - largely technical - rollout. As a rule, we then set up a price performance management system to ensure and evaluate the realization of the business case developed during the selection process and to introduce mechanisms to continuously improve pricing.
Is there a preferred pricing software that you recommend?
We work independently and objectively. We have no preferred software and no agreements with software providers. Our goal is to identify the best solution for your business based on your specific requirements and needs. Each software solution is thoroughly evaluated with you, and we create a transparent process that recommends the pricing software that best fits your pricing strategy and business goals.

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