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Pricing Audit.

The jump-start with a big impact. Together we identify measures that you can implement immediately.

We evaluate your current pricing setup and systematically identify five concrete initiatives that you can implement to strengthen your pricing strategy immediately.

Why an Audit?

When does a pricing audit make sense for your company?

Ask yourself the following questions.

How important is pricing for your company's success?

Is pricing anchored as a strategic success factor in corporate management? Pricing is important for your customers, for your market position and, above all, for your sales and profit situation.

Are prices actively, consciously and objectively controlled?

Do you actively analyze prices and adapt them to the market and competition? Do you use modern methods for price optimization?

How do you rate the technical support for your pricing processes and decisions?

Do you rely on Excel spreadsheets and macros instead of integrated pricing software with data-based analyses and automated processes?

Are pricing decisions made systematically and based on data?

Are factors such as costs, customer demand or competitive offers taken into account? Do you use data analysis to assess the impact on sales, turnover and profitability?

Is there a dedicated pricing expert in your company?

Do you have a pricing expert who is in the right position and has sufficient authority and the necessary expertise?

Do you believe there is a high optimization potential in pricing for your company?

Do you have the feeling that your prices are not at their full potential? Do you have the feeling that you are falling behind your competitors?

A pricing audit can help you to obtain specific recommendations for optimizing your pricing. Invest in future-oriented pricing and secure a competitive edge for your sustainable business success.

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Let's clarify all your questions.

Your advantage.

Our pricing audit identifies your biggest pricing problems and provides targeted solutions to increase your profits.

Work with us.

Our goal: to create tangible results for you.

What's our approach?


Analysis and diagnosis

Uncovering weaknesses.
We gain an overview of the weak points in your pricing.

  • Holistic overview

We "tap" all central areas of pricing and gain a comprehensive overview of the "weaknesses".

  • Identification of potential

We uncover hidden optimization potential that can lead to profit increases and competitive advantages.

  • Data-based analysis

We analyze your pricing, processes and systems using state-of-the-art methods and objective evaluation criteria.

Identification of action points

Effective solutions..
We identify improvement options and evaluate their impact on your company and your pricing strategy.

  • In-depth assessment

We delve deeper and examine the potential for improvement in detail.

  • Impact analysis

We evaluate each option in terms of its "impact" on your (financial) performance as a company and your ability to manage pricing professionally (your "pricing muscle").

  • Tailored solutions

We develop individual recommendations and action points that are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Next five steps

Immediate added value.
We summarize all our recommendations into initiatives, plan them along a roadmap and propose the five initiatives for implementation that will take you furthest in the short term.

  • Specific roadmap

We summarize related recommendations into initiatives and plan them along a roadmap.

  • Five prioritized initiatives

We propose the five initiatives for implementation that will take you the furthest in the short term.

  • The foundations for the future

These "Next Five Steps" form the basis for future optimizations and sustainable success in your pricing strategy.

Are you ready for a pricing audit?

Let's discuss how a pricing audit can support your current situation and performance.

FAQ Pricing Audit.

The most important questions and answers at a glance.

What is a pricing audit and why is it important?
A pricing audit is a comprehensive review and analysis of your company's price management based on a proven price management framework. It helps to raise your pricing capabilities to a sustainable level and to optimize your actual pricing so that you can increase your competitiveness. Based on the results, you will receive concrete recommendations for action and a short to medium-term implementation plan.
How long does a pricing audit take?
The duration of a pricing audit depends on the scope and complexity of the company. As a rule, it takes between two weeks and three months.
How do you treat our confidential data?
We treat all information as strictly confidential and use it exclusively for the purpose of conducting the audit. Your data is in safe hands with us. To give you additional security, we usually sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with our clients.
Shouldn't we conduct an internal pricing audit instead?
An external pricing audit provides you with an objective analysis, fresh perspectives and access to specialized expertise and technologies that may not be available to you internally. If you're looking for an unbiased assessment of your situation that will be considered valid internally, an external assessment is the way to go.
How can we implement the recommendations from the pricing audit?
The recommendations are manifested in the next five steps. These are the next five initiatives that will have the greatest leverage effect for your business. For each, we describe a concrete project profile and roadmap for implementation.
What do we do, if we decide to carry out a pricing audit?
The first step is to contact our team. In an initial meeting, we will clarify the scope and specific objectives of your pricing audit together. We take the time to understand your current challenges and needs in order to develop a customized solution for your company.

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