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Achieve your financial goals through professional pricing.

We are renowned experts in helping you achieve profitable growth through implementing intelligent and systematic pricing solutions.


Managing directors and pricing managers come to us to optimize their pricing, increase profits and strengthen their competitiveness.

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Why us?

We create value.

Increasing profits

Pricing is the biggest lever for your profit. We help you implement effective pricing strategies that boosts profits and strengthens your market position.


Pricing decisions are often based on gut feeling. By introducing systematic pricing processes, we enable you to control your price management precisely and effectively.


Pricing decisions based on clear processes provide a solid foundation for strategic growth. A consistent game plan replaces opportunistic pricing.

Time to think

A solid game plan for pricing is the first step. Evaluating technical implementation options is the second. Modern solutions automate many processes, relieve the pricing team and create time for the essentials: thinking.

Our credo.

“Every company should be able to reach its market potential through conscious pricing decisions.”

Dr. Markus Husemann-Kopetzky

Founder & Managing Director
Price Management Institute

Work with us.

Your first project with us.

Start small, make a big impact.


Pricing Audit

The jump-start a big impact. We identify measures that you can implement immediately.

Our approach:

  • Analysis and diagnosis
  • Identification of action points
  • Next five moves

Pricing Software

Spoilt for choice. We support you in making the choice of the right pricing system for your company.

Our approach:

  • Choosing the right pricing system
  • Implementation of a proof of concept (limited deployment)
  • Roll out the pricing system

Optimize your pricing
and achieve your financial goals!

Let's discuss the next steps to elevate the pricing in your company.

"In just a few weeks of working on the project with the Price Management Institute, we have gained significantly more traction in pricing than expected."


Dr. Stephan Zoll

Group CEO SIGNA Sports United, former CEO eBay Germany

"By engaging the Price Management Institute, our pricing transformation became more sophisticated, gained momentum, and delivered much faster."


Regina Eichinger

Pricing Manager & Project Leader, XXXLdigital (XXXL Group)

"The Price Management Institute brings broad and deep pricing expertise to the pricing machine room, generating real progress. I can only recommend a project with the Price Management Institute to every company and pricing team."


Miljan Kontic

Group Pricing Lead & Head of Commercial Analytics, Internetstores

Frequently asked questions.

The most important questions and answers at a glance.

Who is the Price Management Institute?
The Price Management Institute was founded by Dr. Markus Husemann-Kopetzky. We are leaders in consulting for pricing strategies and price optimization. Our comprehensive services include pricing audits, selection and implementation of pricing software, as well as training and ongoing support.
Which industries do you work with?
We work with customers from various sectors, including FMCG, retail, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, as well as B2B retail and B2B project business.
What are typical consulting projects?
75% of our projects start with a concrete idea of where there is potential for optimization in pricing. In these projects, for example, we create the technical infrastructure for automated pricing, design the national and international pricing organization (structure and process organization), develop differentiated pricing strategies, design price communication and presentation or introduce price controlling to measure and manage pricing performance.

Around 25% of our projects start with the conviction of senior management that there is potential for optimization in pricing. But the complexity of pricing often leads to too many initiatives that cannot be implemented together or at the same time. In these situations, the pricing audit can help you. It answers the question of which optimization projects deliver the greatest added value and can actually be implemented with the existing resources.
What sizes of companies do you serve?
We work with medium-sized companies through to large multinational corporations. In our projects, we adapt the joint approach flexibly to your particular situation.
Can you also manage international projects?
Yes, we have extensive experience with international projects and can support companies worldwide.

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