“Dr. Markus Husemann-Kopetzky is one of the most important pricing influencers in Europe.”

– Pol Vanaerde, President of EPP – European Pricing Platform

The Price Management Institute explained with 10 slides.

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Together we identify and capture additional revenue potential in your existing business model. We also accelerate new growth initiatives with the optimal pricing.


Together we increase the profitability of your product and service sales and improve the profit margin of your revenue.

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Together we raise your enterprise value by strictly focusing your pricing initiatives on your relevant metrics.

DR. Stephan Zoll

CEO, SIGNA Sports United

Within a few weeks, we created substantially more traction than expected on pricing after starting a project with Dr. Markus Husemann-Kopetzky. 

Selected case studies.

Adding value by creating clarity.

  • Situation: After several mergers, a group of companies with more than one hundred shops in over 20 countries emerged. Pricing is organized decentrally in the respective group companies.
  • Problem: The senior management asks itself whether the current setup of price management within the group is future-proof, what the ideal price management line is, what the gap is between desire and reality, and what the next, bigger steps are to professionalize price management.
  • Project result: After an intensive nine-week assessment phase, the Price Management Institute developed detailed recommendations for the different, clearly defined areas of price management, prioritized them accordingly and summarized them in five follow-up projects for the next 12 months ("The Next Five Moves"). A "path to completion" was defined for each project, handed over to the responsible project managers and continued and implemented with high momentum.
  • Added value: Step-by-step, we established the capability to control and manage pricing, and thereby effectively steer sales, revenue and margins.

Adding value by consistently linking the pricing strategy to the pricing concept.

  • SituationA market-leading retail company in the non-food segment with online and offline channels operates its pricing with an operational focus and little differentiated set of pricing rules.
  • Problem: While the company is pursuing a customer-centric strategy, the senior management questions whether pricing supports the company's strategy in the best possible way. The project was tasked to develop a pricing strategy and convert it into a pricing concept that is ultimately implemented by pricing mechanisms. The special characteristics of the online and offline channel and the data sources available for each use case must be taken into account.
  • Project result: In a joint project with an international management consultancy specializing in offline pricing in retail, the Price Management Institute adopted the perspective of the online channel. The project has developed a pricing concept that takes the customer perspective into account when setting prices. This pricing concept was finally converted into a set of price rules and calibrated with transaction data, so that detailed pricing and price control could be introduced across all channels.
  • Added value: The more pinpointed approach to pricing and its conscious management enable an effective management of margin, sales and growth.

Adding value by technically enabling the pricing function.

  • Situation: The existing pricing system is rule-based and does not allow the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence in pricing - not even in the near future.
  • Problem: The senior management asks itself whether the current pricing system will meet the future requirements for data-based price optimization. From the multitude of options on the market, which pricing system best supports our long-term pricing vision? Or should we rather develop a pricing system ourselves?
  • Project result: The Price Management Institute has coordinated the basic requirements for a future pricing system with the specialist and IT departments. Based on this, an objective, systematic and multi-stage selection process was carried out, which identified the company with the highest probability of success from a population of pricing system providers. In a subsequent proof of concept, the pricing system is set up for a relevant sub-segment and the selection of the provider is confirmed.
  • Added value: The proof-of-concept of the selected pricing system has already shown an improvement in both margin and sales.

Adding value by aligning the pricing organization.

  • Situation: A trading group is organized decentrally in several business units with initial efforts to centralize the IT function at group level.
  • Problem: The pricing function should be set up as best as possible. This means, firstly, defining the optimal degree of division of labor between decentralized pricing tasks in the business units and central pricing tasks at group level. Secondly, the cooperation between the pricing function and other functions - such as IT and data management - must be defined. And, thirdly, the change process must be accompanied in such a way that all organizational units are "taken along".
  • Project result: At our recommendation, the company set up a central pricing team and entrusted us with describing the professional requirements and evaluating the professional suitability of the candidates in the personnel recruitment process. We coordinated the division of labor between the teams involved across all pricing-relevant core processes. The documentation, which was limited to the essentials, and the open discussion of the new processes favored general and unrestricted acceptance.
  • Added value: The new processes save employee resources while executing price management more effectively.

Testimonials: Our customers in their own words.

Katharina Riegler

Leader Pricing Projects, XXXLutz Digital (XXXLutz Group)

"Both technically and methodically, I was able to learn an incredible amount from Dr. Husemann-Kopetzky as project manager. I can warmly recommend any pricing team to work with Markus."

Vincent Teillet

Head of Performance, Treated

"Markus is the go-to expert for e-commerce pricing. He helped us raise the bar for our price management."

Dr. Yola Engler

Head of Group Pricing, Signa Sports United

"Dr. Husemann-Kopetzky raised our pricing approach, our pricing organization and our pricing infrastructure to a professional level in a very short time."

Miljan Kontic

Head of Commercial Analytics, Internetstores

"Dr. Husemann-Kopetzky manages to structure and convey his broad and deep pricing knowledge so clearly that it is easy to follow."

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About Dr. Markus Husemann-Kopetzky.

As a Pricing Expert Lead, I combine my passion with my experience in pricing in e-commerce to create more growth, returns and business value with my customers.

Interviews, articles and research results published in (excerpt)


Senior pricing responsibility at the world's leading online retailer.

Many years of management and project management experience at international management consultancies.


Author of multiple pricing books, including the "Handbook on the Psychology of Pricing".

The latter voted one of the best books worldwide on the subject of price psychology (see „Neuroscience in Pricing“, issue June 2019, p. 5).

Thought leader.

Active guest researcher at the Freie Universität Berlin with a focus on pricing research. Publications in top academic journals.

Founder of the "Price Management" module in the master's program at the University of Paderborn.

Invited as a presenter at conferences or expert speaker at internal events (excerpt)